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Updated - Greetings and Info


This journal houses my original fiction works from the odd poem, short stories, and pieces of novels.  If you're interested in reading my work please friend this journal and leave me a comment letting me know who you are.  I will then grant you access.

Please do not save, print, or in any way distribute my work.  It may not be perfect but it is mine and a lot of thought and time goes into these.  

If you're looking for my twitter it can be found at:

If you're looking for more personal information...that's kind of creepy. o.O


Due to inner and outer turmoil I will be on a hiatus for an unknown amount of time during which I may or may not be able to work on some writing.


After going over my pitiful progress and past writing I have decided I am sick of looking at stalled and poorly written stories. 

I am taking down a bunch of my stuff and will be following a more structured writing plan.  Every day I will write at least 500 words.  It's a small number for now that I hope to increase after I've settled into this schedule.  All past projects on the back burner as I want to start with something fresh.  

I will be posting what I write each day, to help keep me on track and then compile them into neater chapters later.

Dearest Muse,

I hope you're taking this in because it's time to get your ass in gear.


NaNoWriMo - WIN!! XD

 52,704 words 29 days...

I am mentally drained, that monster has been gnawing on my brain nonstop since I started.  I thought about posting the whole un-edited mess for all to see but after re-reading just the small bit I have posted I think I will hold off on posting the rest.  

First I am going to take a much needed break from writing for a week or two, then I am going to begin the processes of editing the best, and possibly giving it a proper title, we'll see.  I will post the edited version, either as I go or in lumps here and there.  From there I will either start on a re-write, or take a break from it and work on a different project first.  It depends on what's eating my brain at the time.  

Tomorrow night I celebrate, I'm too tired tonight.


I really am awful about finishing what I start.  I am going to blame my muse and say he has the worst ADD ever.  

Any whoodles I am pretty disappointed with my lack of work and so am hopping that if I plan out a projects list (with small steps at a time) I might make better progress.  It's certainly worth a shot, so here goes nothing:

Finish Post chapter 2 of Withering Rose
Write Finish chapter 3 of Withering Rose

Finish chapter 2 of Pretty When You Cry
Write chapter 3 of Withering Rose
Write chapter 4 of Withering Rose

Finish chapter 2 of Into Darkness

We'll see how things go and I will be checking off tasks as I complete them and hopefully adding in more tasks as well.  If there's a story on the list that you don't see up there but are dying to be updated on let me know and I'll see if I can't work it in.  

Good Luck to me!

Pimping This Everywhere

I usually save this kind of stuff for my personal journal but I've decided to pimp this everywhere I can to reach the most people.

I recently received a an e-mail from my brother, Ryan, who the army has stationed in Afghanistan. He asked for help in showing the soldiers our support and so I decided to create this group. Please note that this group has abosuletly no stance on the war itself and therefore not a place for agruing over it. It's purely to show support for the brave men and women who fight so we don't have to.

Here is his e-mail:
We are having a contest here at FB Herrera. The contest is to see who can drum up the most support for our soldiers. And if you are a deployed young male soldier (which most of them are here) then who do you think they want to see support from. That's right, ladies. So here's the deal. Send pictures (actual, nothing from the interent, that's cheating) of ladies showing support. My idea is a sign that says, "We love LT Baker and 1-61 CAV" (Gotta make sure the entry is attributed to the correct person) But I'm open to creative ideas that still show the pic was taken for purposes of the contest. Now this email is sent to more then just girls because the intent is to recruit people, not just snap photos of yourself (although if you fit the criteria it'll count). So go all out, use whatever means necessary like charm (only applies to some), wit (same disclaimer) or alcohol. And remember, your country is counting on you.

PS, With the weather warming, the beach and 'beach attire' will probably count for extra.

So join the group, grab your camera and spread the word. You can upload the pictures directly to this group or e-mail them to me so I can get them sent out. I will also be at parties with a camera so feel free to get in my face and pose. Thanks for the support! 

Here is link the group if anyone would like to show their support: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=12938531539

NaNoWriMo - The Fire Dreamer

This year I am going to do NaNoWriMo.  For real, not like last year where I didn't sign up and backed out shortly after it started because my inner editor wanted to rip everything apart.

I'm hopping that by refusing to allow myself to go back and edit I can make myself finish the novel.  As anyone who reads my work knows I only get so far before I stop and hardly touch it again.  That's because I try to go back and fix things and eventually get fustrated with myself and bury the work until I'm no longer fustrated.  

*cracks knuckles*  So I had my roommate pick out a random word from my jar full of words (yes I have one they're magnetic and oh so much fun) and decided that's how I'll make sure I start with some fresh that I'm free to just run with and not care if it's kind of crappy in the first draft.

The word picked was fire.  And just like that I've go ideas bouncing 'round my brain.  So my novel is entitled The Fire Dreamer.  Add me as a friend, sign up and try it.  Let's make asses of ourselves together!



When starting this journal I nearly forgot to put this up.

This, of course, is the welcome notice.  This livejournal is for the purpose of viewing and providing me with constructive feedback on my original works.  In here you will encounter various forms of work, but most of it will be short stories or novels.  This is a friend's only account so if you wish to read my work feel free to friend me and drop me a line to let me know so that I can add you as well.

Please do not save any of this work onto your own computer or pint out copies.  I spend a lot of time and thought on these works and while they may not be the greatest, I am very fond of them.


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