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No One Ever Had Much Nice To Say

I Think They Never Liked You Anyway

Eri P. Mav
29 May
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This is my writing jounral. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I finally stopped being lazy and made one.

This is for all my original works. Orignal being the keyword, and I plan to make sure they stay my orginal works by making this a friends only journal. Please do not pass out my work, if you like my work by all means tell other people to friend this journal. I work on a friend/friend basis, you friend me, I friend you.

If you don't like talk of homosexuality, abuse, and "not normal" things I suggest you don't even bother. I adore constructive critisim but it must be constructive. Don't just say you hated it and not give a reason. I use the feedback to improve my wirting so please, do leave me some.